Posted by: Kevin | 29 September 2011

League Of Legends: Season 2

Dear readers,

After a long season time has come to start a new competitive season filled with glorious victories and perhaps some unfortunate defeats. Let’s hope we won’t have to endure many of those games, but you can’t always be blessed with the best team.
Anyway, what I wanted to talk about:
How did you do in season 1? Are you satisfied with your ranked elo in season 1? What are your expectations for this season?
I managed to reach the bronze medal, barely, because I started ranked games before I was able to play decent. So I had a long struggle to get out what some might call “elo hell”. Luckily I managed and I was awarded with that medal. This season I’m just starting my first ranked games and I’m at a 50% win / loss ratio. My expectations are the gold medal but it’s a long way there though…


Posted by: Kevin | 26 September 2011

Marketing 3.0

Dear readers,

It’s been a while since my last post (a long while you might say). But last year I underestimated my studies so I had to give it my all. Luckily things worked out and I managed to start my final year in my education. This year will involve an intern ship and one semester of theory. Afterwards I hope to be the owner of a Bachelor’s degree! As far as this blog goes I’m planning to post some of my group assignments and perhaps some of my hobbies and how I manage to squeeze in some of them into my busy schedule. So keep an eye out for those posts!

Beste lezers,

Het heeft even geduurd sinds mijn laatste post (meer dan dat zelfs). Tijdens het voorbije jaar heb ik mijn studies wat onderschat en dus moest ik een tandje bijsteken wat betreft schoolwerk. Gelukkig is alles nog goedgekomen en ben ik nu aan m’n laatste jaar begonnen. Dit jaar omvat een stage en nog een semester les, daarna hoop ik een bachelor diploma te bezitten. Wat betreft de blog ben ik van zin om nog wat posts te doen in verband met groepswerken en dergelijke en hoe ik nog wat tijd voor mijn hobbies er in kan voegen. Blijf dus kijken voor meer posts!

Groetjes / Greetings

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